• International Coal Conference-2015 Lahore .

    DRD role in Thar Coal, a symbol of National Service .


An International Coal Conference was held on 24th and 25th November, 2015 at the Pearl Continental, Lahore under the auspices of SGS (Switzerland based Company). DRD was one of the sponsors in organizing this national mega event. Mr. Ismail Hasan (CEO, DRD) participated in Conference as a Panellist and also a very important presentation titled 'Scope and Viability of Coal Based Power Plants in Pakistan' made by Brig (R) Shahjahan Ali Khan (Director, DRD). DRD role in Thar Coal for Exploration of 7 Blocks out 12 and its national service very much appreciated by all conference participants, stakeholders and investors. It was reflected that the reports prepared by the DRD are now acceptable to all international consultants and investors as they carry a high degree of confidence having been prepared on the highest international standards. It was also highlighted that there is a genuine need in all other provinces for exploration of new and confirmation of known coal resource as per the international standards to lend trust and reliability to the consultants and investors. This will not only bring foreign investment but go a long way in meeting the energy crisis that looms over Pakistan.