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Operational Scope

DRD executes complete range of drilling works for the exploration of metallic and non metallic minerals:

  • Mineral & Coal Exploration
  • Hydrogeological Studies
  • Geophyscial Logging & Studies
  • Electrical Resistivity Surveys
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Deep Waterwell Installation
  • Dewatering of Coal Mines
  • Mining & Power Generation support works

Latest News

MoU with CSAD

On December 17, 2016, a MOU has been inked between CSAD (CSIC ARCHITECTURE DESIGN AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE CO. LTD), a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) Beiyuan-China and DRD to form a strategic collaboration partnership between the two parties, and to form a co-working mechanism/method. It was mutually agreed that DRD and CSAD will endeavor to acquire various projects in areas of Shipyards, Harbor Engineering, Industrial Buildings, Civil and Commercial Buildings, General Project Contracting, Estate Projects, Project Designing and Construction, Power Generation including Wind Power & Solar Energy, Power management solutions for corporate facilities, Hardware marketing in wind/solar energy and other machinery/ equipment manufactured by CSIC subsidiaries. Furthermore, DRD will undertake Surveying, Soil/Geotechnical Investigation, Hydrological / geological Studies, Water Wells, Dewatering Wells, Geophysical Logging & Studies, Electrical Resistivity Surveys, Earth Works, Piping and Pipelines, Civil Works, Mechanical Works, Electrical Works and other related activities in all over Pakistan.....Visit Website

7th World Carrom Championship in Birmingham

Pakistan Carrom Team sponsored by DRDPL to participate in 7th World Carrom Championship, which was concluded on 16 November 2016 in Birmingham after 5 days of sensational battles. The Mayor Councilor of Birmingham Mike Robinson inaugurated the championship. The event was hosted by U.K Carrom Federation under the supervision of International Carrom Federation and held at the Badshah Palace in Birmingham. Sixteen countries including; Pakistan, Champion Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia, India, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Korea, Canada, U.S.A and U.K participated in the event. A total of 164 men and women players including Pakistan's contingent comprising Murtaza Khan Zulfee, Muhammad Amil, Ramzan Ali and Anas Bin Murtaza participated in the event....Readmore

MoU with MEDO

On October 21, 2016, a MOU has been inked between MEDO (Minerals Exploration and Development Organization), a subsidiary of FWO and DRD (Deep Rock Drilling Private Limited) to combine the strengths of both organizations to avail every opportunity for the development, exploration and mining of huge mineral resources all over Pakistan lying untapped.

SGS International Coal Conference 2015

An International Coal Conference was held on 24th and 25th November, 2015 at the Pearl Continental, Lahore under the auspices of SGS (Switzerland based Company). DRD was one of the sponsors in organizing this national mega event.....Readmore

Asia Power Group Limited

The Project entitled "Drilling Works at Block III and III-B, Thar Coalfield, District Tharparkar" had successfully completed on 6th May, 2016. The project includes drilling of 27 Resource holes and 4 Geotechnical holes which were core drilled from top to bottom by triple tube core barrel method.

Bolan Resources (Pvt.) Limited

Deep Rock Drilling Private Limited (DRDPL) had successfully drilled 6 boreholes with Angular Core Drilling dated September, 2015 at Chamalang Coalfield, Balochistan.

Sindh Coal Authority (GoS)

Currently DRDPL is working on Feasibility Study / Preparation of Water Master Plan, including Hydrogeological Water Supply and Wastewater Management Studies for Thar Coalfield, in consortium with Environmental Management Consults (EMC), Schlumberger Water Services and Digby Wells Environmental, UK for Sindh Coal Authority (Sindh Government).

China Machinery Engineering Corporation / Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company

Deep Rock Drilling (Pvt.) Limited (DRDPL) has accomplished the task of "Geotechnical Investigation for Open-Pit Lignite Mine at Block-II" Thar Coalfield, Sindh, Pakistan for China Machinery Engineering Corporation / Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company.

Bolan Mining Enterpises

Deep Rock Drilling (Pvt.) Limited (DRD) has been successfully completed the Project of inclined Boreholes drilling for Exploration of Barite Lead/Zinc mineralization at Gunga, Khuzdar, Balochistan for Bolan Mining Enterprises-BME (a Joint Venture between Government of Balochistan and Pakistan Petroleum Limited).

UK - Pak Coal Conference 2012

An International Conference was organized by the faculty of engineering of the Leeds University, United Kingdom and Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Islamabad from 3rd to 5th of July 2012 at Leeds University, UK.


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About Us

It is with earnest gratitude towards Allah that we reiterate the rapid progress and success of DRD, not duplicated by many other mineral exploration companies of Pakistan.

Deep Rock Drilling (Private) Limited was established in 1984 with an objective to offer superior quality of works in water well and mineral exploration drilling. Over the years, the company has grown steadily in size and scope achieving international standards through technological enhancement and employing leading professionals in the field.

The challenges of mineral exploration drilling, water well installation and geophysical logging were handled successfully by our team of professionals. In the process of growth, DRD has acquired a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment which now consists of 12 rigs for core drilling and 4 rigs for water well construction with complete set-up of allied equipment and expertise. In recent past we were aggressively engaged in major coal exploration and water well installation activities in Thar Coalfield.

We have been able to maintain international standards of drilling in all our projects. We have accumulated over 100,000 meter of diamond core drilling with minimum core recovery level of 95%; and 120,000 meter of water well drilling for hydrogeological studies and installation of deep tube wells and piezometer wells. Our technical experts have been able to produce internationally vetted coal resource estimation reports of very high quality. DRD is registered with National Drilling Association and Pakistan Engineering Council.

Now, we are fully capable to undertake any mineral exploration drilling project in and outside Pakistan. We have acquired the capacity to drill 5000 feet deep boreholes as per international standards in any terrain and conditions.

We aim to develop as a leading enterprise in drilling & mineral exploration, capable of working in challenging climatic conditions in all kind of terrain. DRD offer cost effective, innovative, customized and time effective solutions with the support of professionally trained human resource. State of the art equipment are being utilized to avail every opportunity for expansion globally. At the same time we are trying to diversify to continue to discover new horizon for the systematic and aggressive growth.

We have earned the title of leading national mineral exploration company. The seamless integration of works enables us to provide comprehensive works in technical advice, feasibility studies, due diligence, confidential internal reviews and preparation of final reports as per international standards.

DRD is grateful to its cliental for the trust and confidence reposed in our capacity and capability.


DRD Team

Mr. Ismail Hasan
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ismail Hasan established DRDPL in 1984. He has rich hands-on experience of groundwater development projects throughout the country and has successfully led and entrenched the company into the complex mineral exploration and drilling sector. He holds a MBA degree and grassroots drilling and all-round technical experience enabled him to put the business and the company on financially viable and technically sophisticated foundations. He is an excellent team leader with futuristic vision and a bold and determined worker seeking the self assigned goals.

Mr. Mirza Talib Hasan
MS Geology, USA / Member-AIG Australia
Technical Advisor
He is former DG of Geological Survey of Pakistan and has more than 47 years of experience in his field. MS in Geology with specialization in Coal & Utilization from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA.


Brig (R) Shahjahan Ali Khan
MBA (HRM),M.Sc. (War Studies)
Director, Overseas Operations

Over three decades of multifarious experience of the Armed Forces and robust academic background has enabled him to provide effective leadership in the overseas operations. He has a clear vision of the international trends in the mineral exploration industry and is a high value advisor for the company.


Prof. Dr. Shamim A. Siddiqui
Ph.D and M.Sc (Geology) / Member-AIG Australia
Technical Advisor - Coal Geology

He is a former Professor of the Department of Geology Karachi University. He has 42 years of teaching and research experience in the field of Geology.

Brig. Mansoor Ahmad (R)
B.Sc. Civil Engineering
Team Leader (R&D, Strategic Planning)

He has over 42 years of civil and army experience. As MD, KW&SB he has managed large construction projects of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.


Mr. Azhar Qadri

GM (Coordination)

He has over 22 years of experience in diversified fields. He is well versed with latest drilling technologies and can manage and execute complex drilling operations.


Mrs. Rahmat Rahimoon
Director HR & Finance

She has over 7 years of rich experience in Accounts, Finance, Administration and HR. She is highly motivated and dedicated worker and ameticulous manager of complex company affairs.


Muhammad Akram Khan
M.Sc. (Geology) / B.Sc. (Honors Geology)
Senior Hydrogeologist

37 years of working experience as Water Resource Specialist & Hydro geologist. Expert in assessing Ground water resources. Technical Advisor for a numbers of Ground water exploration projects for Irrigation/Drinking and having experience in Pakistan & Afghanistan.


Operational Scope

The main operating capacities of DRD are:

  • Mineral & Coal Exploration
  • Hydrogeological Studies
  • Geophysical Logging & Studies
  • Electrical Resistivity Surveys
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Deep Waterwell Installation
  • Dewatering of Coal Mines
  • Mining & Power Generation support works


Mineral & Coal Exploration

DRD can deliver efficient Diamond Core Drilling works for mineral and coal exploration. We have the latest drilling equipment. We can undertake exploration drilling in all types of terrain and weather conditions ranging from deserts to mountainous regions. Our drilling operations are always conducted while giving high priority to safety and environmental protection.DRD has proven track-record of high percentage of core recovery. We can execute confirmation drilling to convert inferred resource estimation into indicated/measured resource estimation

Hydrogeological Studies

DRD is fully equipped with truck mounted drilling rigs for Production wells and construction of Piezometers for the Hydrogeological studies. DRD is the only company in Pakistan which has executed 30 days uninterrupted long pumping test under supervision of the World Bank consultants. DRD possess all related software for aquifer characterization and have varied experience to undertake variety of hydrogeological studies.

Geophysical Logging & Studies

DRD had initiated geophysical logging works in Nov. 2008 and has emerged as a reliable company committed to provide advanced acquisition and data processing works. Our experienced team have worked at national and international levels, and has the required experience to accomplish the projects related to mineral and groundwater investigations. Wireline logging for coal exploration is specialty of DRD and we have the state of the art Digital Logging System capable of delineating coal seams within cased boreholes.

Electrical Resistivity Surveys

DRD conducts Electrical Resistivity Surveys using ABEM Terrameter SAS 1000 (Resistivity, IP, SP), Resistivity Survey System. DRD also conducts surveys employing the latest and modern scientific methods and techniques to explore, evaluate, extract and manage Groundwater. With wide and extensive experience in this field, our investigations have proved highly successful for many Private, Public, Multinational and Government Departments.

Geotechnical Investigation

DRD has rich experience to draw samples from the mineral cores as per the standard. DRD can draw samples for Chemical, Geotechnical and Physical analysis. DRD can provide core and non-core samples as per the requirement of the client. DRD can also obtain water samples for hydrogeological studies.

Deep Water Wells Installation

DRD has long and rich experience in construction of water wells, it has been instrumental in raising the standards of water well installation and construction in Pakistan. DRD has large clientele all over the country. DRD has constructed around 500 water wells, Injection wells (Oil & Gas sector) and Dewatering wells for mining projects.

Dewatering of Coal Mines

DRD can execute dewatering efficiently. DRD with its extensive background of construction of tubewell since its inception is strategically placed to undertake dewatering operation related to open pit mining. We have executed water injection well at Kadanwari Gas Field, District Khairpur, Sindh and recently constructed 57 wells in different areas of Sindh.

Mining & Power Generation support works

DRD gained rich experience throughout its involvement in drilling and other related testing activities for Mining and Power Generation Support Projects in Thar Coalfield, Lakhra Coal Mines, BME Gunga Mines, Chamalang Coal Mines and different areas of Pakistan. It is also associated with International/Local Consultants which have already provided mining and power generation solutions to various projects around the world. Based on extensive experience DRD having fully capability to providing support its clients during underground/shaft mining, feasibility study and other related activities as per international standards.


Our Clients

Major Projects Completed

  • Sindh Coal Authority:
    (i) Exploration of Coal Resources in Block-III(B), VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII of Thar Coalfield
    (ii) Ground Water Exploration Drilling for construction and installation of 57 Tube Wells at District Thatta, Badin, Mithi, Umerkot and Tharparkar
  • Bolan Mining Enterprises:
    (i) Inclined Boreholes Drilling for Exploration of Barite Lead/Zinc mineralization at Gunga, Khuzdar, Balochistan
  • Oracle Coal Field, UK:
    (i) Investigation Borehole Drilling & Geophysical Logging for Coal at District Badin, under the supervision of Dargo Associates & SRK Consultants.
    (ii) Investigation Borehole Drilling & Geophysical Logging for Coal at Block-VI of Thar Coalfield, under the supervision of Dargo Associates & SRK Consultants
  • Eni Pakistan Limited:
    (i) Core Drilling for Environmental Investigation of Eni Gas Field at Halel, Bhit, District Dadu, Sindh
    (ii) Drilling, Designing and Installation of Injection Wells for Lasmo Oil Pakistan at Kadanwari Gas Field, District Khairpur, Sindh
    (iii) Drilling, Designing and Installation of Water Wells for Lasmo Oil/Eni Pakistan
  • Lakhra Coal Miners:
    (i) Investigation Borehole Drilling for Coal at Lakhra Coalfield, District Jamshoro, Sindh
  • Engro Pakistan:
    (i) Hydrogeological Investigation at Block-II of Thar Coalfield, under the supervision of RWE Group Consultants
    (ii) Geotechnical Investigation at Block-II, Thar Coalfield, District Tharparkar under the supervision of SECMC and China Machinery Engineering Corporation.
  • Coal & Energy Development Department, GoS:
    (i) 30-Day Long Pump Test at Block-II of Thar Coalfield, under the supervision of World Bank Team of Hydrogeology Wing for developing Water Master Plan of Thar Coalfield.

For Complete list of projects and details please CLICK HERE

Health & Safety Policy:

DRD is committed to work in a safe and healthy environment. It is our earnest endeavor to complete all minor and major jobs/tasks within allotted time with no loss of any kind with "ZERO TOLERANCE" in the following :

  • Injuries to employees
  • Mechanical upholds
  • Time losses
  • Environment impact
  • Financial losses

DRD is the first company in private sector of Pakistan to achieve 120,000 LTI hours. While we are very proud of our achievements and records, nonetheless, we are determined to continuously move upwards in our health and safety management system which encompasses training of staff, adherence to procedures, flow of information, risk assessment and ensuring to take corrective and precautionary measures.

Comprehensive health and safety policy have given DRD, its international and local clients firm basis to trust in DRD and its employees for the last two decades. Furthermore, DRD is under way to devise various committees to regularly monitor and upgrade the system. This will make sure that every employee will go home with ZERO harm because healthy employees mean healthy DRD. Please contact HSE@drd.com.pk to view all the policies and procedures.

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UK - Pak Coal Conference 2012

An International Conference was organized by the faculty of engineering of the Leeds University, United Kingdom and Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Islamabad from 3rd to 5th of July 2012 at Leeds University, UK.



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